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Wikipedia defines beer as:
An alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar.

Doesn't sound as good as this...

The Malts and Yeast are brewed into a delicate and luscious drink that makes the whole word happy :-)

We much prefer the later because that is what beer is to us... Luscious.  And, yes it does make us happy!

So we decided to list a few educational notes to help you decide on what kind of beer it is that you like exactly, what your favorite type is and even how it's made.  

In choosing your next brew we hope that for all of your questions, you find the answers you need here or you can stop in and ask us.

Winter of 2015 Tastings:

Stony Brook Beverage Growler Bar and Tastings

Stony Brook Beverage Growler Bar and Tastings provide the freshest beer Setauket has.  From our new 12 line growler bar to all of our brews direct from the brewery, our tastings always have one of our family members hosting it as well as the Brewery expert.  No one has more fun at tastings then our customers.  They're superb!