The Bevy Libation Relocation Celebration pics are here.  

Unfortunately, there were several of our winners who either promised to send a pic of themselves in their homes with their items proudly displayed or they were too shy .  Either way these current pics tell the story.

Martha Clara 2013...

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Here's few pics to reminisce of some of our past years beer tastings...

Our Growler Bar And Tastings are what Setauket and the Three Village area have enjoyed at Stony Brook Beverage all year long!  

Make sure you keep checking back for date and times of our next one!‚Äč

Super Bowl Sunday is February 2nd.  Come in for our "49" specials

Well if you were there to join us on the BUS... and missed last years fun, don't worry cause...

 We're planning even more fun for this year! 

So keep checking back for scheduled tastings here at our new location & bus trips around our beautiful State!