Stony Brook Beverage Growler Bar And Tastings

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At Stony Brook Beverage we love beer, and if you do too, you've come to the right place!  Stony Brook Beverage, commonly referred to as "The Bevy", has been an institution in Three Village for over 100 years.  

At first, The Bevy was owned by a local family and only sold ice and coal. But it quickly became the area's place to go for cold beer and soda, as seen in this picture.  Through the years, as the need grew for more varieties of beer and soda, The Bevy was there! 

The Bevy has been repeatedly owned by local families and is currently owned by the local Seydel family.  Although its location has moved over the years from Stony Brook Road to its current location at 718 North Country Rd., it is still here in the heart of town, to meet the needs of its community. The latest move, from 710 North Country Road, was bittersweet. The 2012 Winter Storm NEMO caused severe damage to that location, and the move was undeniable.  Finding it hard to leave a legacy, the Seydel's found their new location two doors down!  Now at its new location at 718 North Country Rd., the Bevy has an expanded variety of micro brews and local brews as well as nationally advertised brands from all over the country.  With over 500 varieties of beer, a new 12-line draft system, and the new, huge, walk-in Beer Vault (which is always a pleasure to peruse), the Bevy is the perfect place to shop for all your beverage needs.  The Bevy provides convenience of shopping and delivery.  As always, they welcome requests for special or hard to find brews. 

We carry several varieties of local hand-crafted seasonal ales, porters, and stouts.  Some of what we sell is on tap and in bottles.  If you don't see your favorite on one of our dozen tap lines, just ask!  We offer tastes from local breweries and craft brewers across the country.

We carry all that you're looking for.  From big-name, nationally and internationally-marketed commercial beers to local brews and micro brews.

The Bevy is proud to be a strong community supporter and gives back through donations to school, community events, fire departments, senior citizens groups, child services, local churches, organizations and many other causes.